Three Ways Meditation Helps the Digestive System

Three Ways Meditation Helps the Digestive System
June 1st, 2018 0 Comments

You notice the benefits of mindfulness meditation in the way you think, sleep, and feel across the board. And as it turns out, sometimes you even feel these benefits deep in the gut.

Gastroenterologists and other specialists are increasingly prescribing meditation for patients who have common long-term health issues. Some of these issues are indigestion, acid reflux disease, and obesity. And it’s easy to see why meditation is the key.

Effective and unobtrusive, a little mindfulness meditation can do a world of good for folks who suffer from chronic stomach issues. In addition, it is a continuous, lifelong treatment.

So how does meditation affect the gut, as well as common digestive problems?

Here’s a closer look at how meditation’s benefits can make you feel better from the inside out.


Meditation affects the digestive system directly.

When it comes to a direct link between meditation and a happier belly, it all boils down to the digestive system.

Mindfulness meditation multiplies our blood oxygen levels and circulation. This trickles into all aspects of our bodies, including and especially the stomach and intestines. As a result, the process of digestion is inherently easier. Therefore your digestive system naturally grows stronger with every meditation session you enjoy.


Meditation alleviates stress and anxiety.

Anyone who has dealt with stress before knows that when we’re anxious, we feel it right in the gut.

This is a natural reaction, because when we are stressed, our bodies go into our instinctive “flight or fight” mode. This means we are no longer functioning in a steady and calculated way – especially in the stomach and digestive system.

As a result, being continually stressed can cause a world of problems in the gut, which includes inflammation, acid reflux, and even ulcers.

But by taking stress out of the equation with meditation, the risk for developing these common stomach problems effortlessly goes down.


Meditation leads to better dietary choices.

You may have noticed after a few weeks of meditation that your lifestyle and diet choices have gotten healthier without much effort.

This is because meditation affects the way our brains operate. We thus make more intelligent decisions based on need, as opposed to a desire for instant gratification.

For example, you will resist reaching for a bag of chips or candy bar when you are feeling anxious, hungry, or bored. Instead, you’ll naturally find a better way to deal with the discomfort of the moment.

Because of this better thought process, our inclination towards unhealthy foods decreases, resulting in a happier stomach and a better functioning digestive system.


Considering that so many of meditation’s benefits are linked to the gut, it’s great news for doctors and patients alike. Easy, unobtrusive, and wonderfully simple to maintain, meditation will make sure your digestive system is operating at its best for the long term.

No time to drive to a meditation class? No problem! Try my meditation course right in your living room. Your stomach will thank you!



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Three Ways Meditation Helps the Digestive System
More and more physicians are prescribing mindfulness meditation for a wealth of stomach issues. Here’s a closer look at how meditation can truly be felt deep in the gut.
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