Why Meditation Isn't Just for Big Companies

meditation and small organizations
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You’ve probably read the newspaper articles centered on large corporations, (like Google, Apple, and General Mills), that have whole rooms dedicated to employees who want to practice meditation.

Or perhaps you’ve heard the interviews of Fortune 500 CEOs touting the benefits of mindfulness meditation.

They are happily reporting that hundreds of employees at their company participated in a meditation-based “wellness program.”

And when you hear these stories of companies practicing meditation on a grand scale, it’s easy to think “It works for the big guys, but it probably couldn’t work for a smaller company like mine.”

Think meditation is only for the big companies? Think again.

In fact, meditation instructors could argue that smaller companies benefit even more from initiating a mindfulness meditation practice than the industry giants.

And there are several reasons why implementing a meditation program is especially - and specifically - useful for small organizations.

It’s Not a Budget Breaker

The large corporations may have whole meditation rooms, in-house instructors who are available all day, and other incentives to cater to hundreds of employees who may participate in a company-wide wellness program.

But these vast resources aren’t required when you’re dealing with just a small group of people!

A well-trained meditation instructor can effortlessly work with a smaller company without a lot of added expense involved.

And the overall cost benefits that occur down the road, (like fewer sick days, fewer doctor’s visits, and better productivity), will save countless dollars, regardless of a company’s size.

It’s Instrumental for Multi-taskers

Large companies have enough personnel to designate specific roles to a specific person. For example, a corporation may have an expansive accounting department, where one person is in charge of budgets, one person is in charge of billing clients, one person is in charge of in-house expenses, and so on.

But in a smaller company, it’s natural that a single employee – like an accountant, a marketing manager, or a receptionist – will tackle multiple roles, which leads to a higher workload, and a higher need to be exceptional at multi-tasking.

Well, meditation is an exceptional tool for handling multiple tasks and projects at a time!

It helps employees focus on the job at hand, prioritize well, and be able to tune out unhelpful distractions that can slow down overall productivity.

It Creates a Friendlier, Happier Environment

At a big corporation, it’s easy to avoid other employees that you may not mesh with, due to a disagreement, a rift, or just a simple personality clash.

But employees don’t have this luxury at a smaller company, where you encounter the same co-workers every day.

Meditation helps increase our sense of compassion, our kindness, and our overall attitude.

It’s why instructors often recommend the practice for negotiators, human resources personnel and anyone who needs a solid ability to resolve conflict in a calm and productive manner. Essentially,

Essentially, through meditation, you can create a better work environment for everyone involved – regardless of personality differences – which certainly goes a long way in creating a positive work environment.

Ready to Learn More? I'm Happy to Help!

I’ve assisted many companies, both big and small, in initiating a meditation program that works, specifically, for their business.

Feel free to contact me, and let’s make a positive change.

Having a professional teacher on your side will go a long way in getting you started. Once you’re on the path, you’ll be amazed at how far meditation will take you.

I offer both classes in my office and an online program.

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Why Meditation Isn't Just for Big Companies
Think meditation is only for the big companies? Think again. There are several reasons why implementing a meditation program is especially useful for small organizations.
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