Lunchtime Meditation Is the Newest Wellness Craze

lunchtime meditation
April 5th, 2017 0 Comments

Style and fitness experts across the country are noticing a unique new trend in the corporate landscape – lunchtime meditation.

Recently featured in a Washington Post story, this new practice of “lunchtime meditation” finds busy professionals from all walks of life flocking to local meditation centers to relax for a few minutes.

And they can enjoy a brief moment of Zen in an otherwise busy workday!

Meditation Centers and Rooms

Meditation centers and rooms have popped up all over major urban cities, like New York and Washington DC.

And they’re becoming especially packed with the lunchtime crowd as stressed out executives and employees pop in for a break.

The Washington Post article reports that “Fortune 500 companies, elementary schools, and sports teams are also following the trend. They offer free guided sessions to boost efficiency and quality of output.”

It makes sense to use a little downtime in the middle of the day for a quick pick me up, too.

Getting Over the Dry Spell

Research shows employees are the least productive right after lunch, which is a “dry spell” that can last for several hours before the afternoon energy kicks in.

The good news is that while some professionals are addressing their need for lunchtime meditation by going to various classes and centers away from the workplace, it actually doesn’t require a lot of extra work, movement or even money to squeeze in a few minutes of calm.

Creating a Calm Environment

In other words, companies and employers do not have to make a huge investment for their employees to try out the new lunchtime meditation trend.

In fact, there are quite a few things that staff and employers alike can do to create a calm environment where lunchtime meditation can be achieved.

1. Change the Environment

If you are in your own office, turn the lights down to create a different environment than your normal office setting.

Subtle changes like low lighting or moving aside stacks of paperwork can create a calmer backdrop that’s different from your 9 to 5 routine.

If you’re in a cubicle, try noise canceling headphones, or turning off your monitor for a few minutes to change the scene.

2. Find a Space

An empty conference room, break room, lobby or another area in your office where people are scarce, and you are away from your workload can go a long way in creating a calmer, and distinctively different environment.

This tip is true, especially if people tend to come and go in your office, leading to extra distractions that can get you off track.

3. Step Outside

A cool breeze and a little nature can always clear the cobwebs, and allow us to relax. Find a bench or spot just outside the office doors for a little extra calm and a clear difference from your normal working routine.

Lunchtime meditation doesn’t have to entail a fancy meditation center or a commute to a different location. With a little patience and ingenuity, you can join in this new wellness craze without ever leaving the office.

Above all else, remember to practice, practice and practice some more.

The more you meditate, the easier it is – regardless of where you are – which will go a long way into achieving that brief moment of peace in the midst of the workplace chaos.

Getting Started

Feel free to contact me, and let’s make a positive change.

Having a professional teacher on your side will go a long way in getting you started. Once you’re on the path, you’ll be amazed at how far meditation will take you.

I offer both classes in my office and an online program.

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Lunchtime Meditation Is the Newest Wellness Craze
Lunchtime meditation doesn’t have to entail a fancy meditation center or a commute to a different location. With a little patience and ingenuity, you can join in this new wellness craze without ever leaving the office.
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