Individual Meditation Programs

Trying to learn how to meditate on your own is certainly possible for some of us, but for many of us, we either don’t know where to start, or we’ve tried and didn’t get the results we wanted.

If this sounds like you, I can help you learn how to incorporate this life-transforming practice into your day.

While you can start in a day, learning how to meditate in a way that truly generates change takes a little time. I offer a Meditation Immersion Program that will lay a solid foundation for you, enabling you to acquire all of the benefits meditation has to offer. I am committed to sharing with you the tools and techniques you need and provide you with support as you develop your skills.

board certified meditation specialist
Peggy Gaines, mediation coach

Are you a registered nurse?

RNs can receive Continuing Education Credits from the Commonwealth Educational Seminars by completing either the Small Group or In-Person Meditation Immersion Programs! See below for details.

Online Meditation Immersion Program

Are you ready to take steps to reduce your stress, improve your mental and physical health and gain a competitive edge when and where it's convenient for you?

Sign up for my online Six Module Meditation Immersion Program and get started today!

For 60 days, you'll receive access to:

  • Six 30-Minute Videos 
  • 30-Day Guided Meditation in Downloadable App
  • One Private Consultation Call

Please note, this is not a live class. This program uses pre-recorded video lessons to guide you through the principles and practice.

4-Part Private Meditation Program

If you want a more personalized experience, consider scheduling private sessions. I can teach and guide you through meditation based your specific needs and comfort levels. I offer Private Meditation Sessions via Zoom or Skype:

  • 4 Session Package
  • All materials included
  • $385 for all 4 parts

If you have a small group and would like to save on your tuition, I offer small group sessions (3-6 people) for $185 per person.


board certified meditation specialist

RNs receive 4 Continuing Education credits by completing 4 sessions in In-Person Meditation Immersion Program.

Click HERE for instructions on how to obtain your Certificate of Attendance.


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