4 Ways Mindful Meditation Increases Employee Satisfaction

increase employee satisfaction
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Authors have written articles in renowned publications like the New York Times on how incorporating mindful meditation programs into an office environment leads to:

  • Fewer sick days
  • Better productivity
  • Reduced cost of operations

But one of the key benefits of this initiative is often overlooked. And that benefit is that your workplace will simply become a happier and less stressful environment.

So how does mindful meditation make your office a happier place to work?

1. Mindful Meditation Helps Eliminate Hair-Trigger Responses

Everyone has the person at the office who can fly off the handle when something doesn’t go quite right.

It can be a boss, a key employee, or just a staff member with a little too much stress in their lives.

And when this occurs, it can affect the entire team. Stress is contagious.

Researchers have proven that being around volatile or anxious individuals can automatically increase our own stress levels.

Anyone who has been around someone who is clearly unhappy can obviously attest this is true from personal experience.

The less anxious your employees are the better an office functions as a team.

And just as a stressed personality is contagious, so is a person who is calm, collected and able to see situations from a clear perspective.

2. Mindful Meditation Increases Attention to Problems that Matter

Many executives can attest that sometimes a sudden problem will get hours of attention when it only deserved a few minutes, while other larger but not as noticeable issues fall through the cracks.

A company’s continually successful operations is all about paying attention to the things that matter.

And a company-wide mindful meditation program allows all of your departments whether it’s accounting, management or marketing to be able to focus and distinguish the big picture issues from the small stuff.

3. Meditation Makes it Easier to Address Long-Term Projects and Initiatives

One of the biggest downfalls of any company’s morale comes from having to tackle big projects at the last minute. 

These projects often lead to excessive overtime, stressed-out employees and results that simply aren’t up to standard.

It’s understandable, because as little tasks trickle in, it can be easy to put aside those big to-do items until the deadline arrives, and then embark on a mad rush to get them done.

But mindful meditation not only provides increased focus and productivity but an ability to self-regulate and recognize the larger items that you need accomplish.

As a result, managers will find that big projects are addressed sooner with far more initiative and far better, stress-free results.

4. Mindful Meditation Makes Employees Happier at Home and the Office

There’s an old saying that you shouldn’t carry your home life into work, but that can certainly be very hard to do!

Employees can’t always just leave their problems at home. If stress fills their life, it will naturally carry over into their job.

And consequently, it carries over to their relationships with their co-workers and colleagues.

By reducing stress across the board, and ergo improving all aspects of life, it’s easier for staff to address all varieties of problems, and have fewer burdens to carry into the working environment.

Getting Started

Contact me and let’s chat about incorporating mindful meditation into your world!

Having a professional teacher on your side will go a long way in getting you started. Once you’re on the path, you’ll be amazed at how far meditation will take you.

I offer both classes in my office and an online program you can complete at your convenience.

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4 Ways Mindful Meditation Increases Employee Satisfaction
One of the key benefits of mindful meditation is that your workplace will simply become a happier and less stressful environment. So how does mindful meditation make your office a happier place to work?
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