How Different Generations Are Using Meditation

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Researchers and meditation fans have often examined how different types of people can benefit from mindfulness meditation. From top CEOs and

From top CEOs and executives to kids in the classrooms, looking at specific groups often allows scientists, doctors and researchers of all varieties to unlock benefits that were previously undiscovered.

For example, meditation programs in classrooms around the country have led to a lower detention/suspension rate, as well as higher participation and better grades.

Meanwhile, meditation taught in retirement communities and assisted living centers have led to happier residents, as well as a decrease in symptoms of conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

And while it’s certainly difficult to lump meditation’s benefits into specific groups there are a few common themes when it comes to why different generations practice meditation, and how they benefit.

Meditation has truly been embraced by people of all ages and from all walks of life. And some recent articles have examined this correlation between different generations and the reasons behind their dedication to meditation.

Simply put, from the college classroom to the boardroom, meditation truly does enhance all aspects of life.

Meditation for Millennials

Studies that examine Millennials and meditation report that there are quite a few reasons why this up-and-coming generation is turning to meditation.

One of the biggest reasons boils down to getting an advantage in the college and classroom setting. Millennials are under pressure to succeed more than ever in an academic environment.

And many students report that through meditation, they have a better ability to focus on their schoolwork and studies, retain information and perform better in school.

Also, many millennials turn to meditation as a way to enjoy a “break” from the constant stream of distractions that this generation is exposed to.

Having grown up with the internet, social media, smartphones and countless ways to obtain information and entertainment 24/7, this generation can get bogged down by the sheer amount of “stuff” that fills up their day.

Being able to tune everything out, relax and just breathe for a moment can be a welcome breath of fresh air.

Meditation for Gen Xers and Generation Y

Generation X and Y are climbing the corporate ladders, and are becoming the movers and shakers of the world.

They’re heading Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups, creating innovative solutions for issues all across the globe, and are essentially leading the workforce to new plateaus.

This is why many Gen Xers say they practice meditation to get an edge on the competition and perform their jobs well.

By allowing them to be focused, organized, and more creatively inclined, they can become problem solvers in all fields of work.

Also, many Generation X and Y meditation fans say they practice it for their overall and continued health, for stress relief and to have a better relationship with friends and family.

By promoting compassion and acceptance, (as well as reducing stress), meditation truly makes people happier at work, and at home.

Meditation for Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers are redefining what it means to retire in a wonderful way. No longer a term that evokes an idea of just sitting around and enjoying ample leisure time, “retirement” is now viewed as a new life phase where anything is possible.

Traveling the globe, working in the community, volunteering, starting new business ventures, trying a new sport, writing a book – these are all activities that baby boomers have embraced with gusto, and with as much energy as their younger counterparts.

Perhaps this is why many baby boomers have embraced meditation, too. They heard about it in the 1960s and 1970s as a “new age” phenomenon, but now, they’re integrating it into their life as a tool to have more energy for the day’s adventures.

Used as a tool for better health, better stamina and an overall happier life, baby boomers tend to turn to meditation for a variety of mental and physical reasons.

After all, in order to start a new career, or plan that trek around the world, you need to have an energized mind and body.

Clearly, no matter a person’s age, meditation is always a tool for a better and more fulfilling life. From just starting out a career to enjoying the joys of discovering new pursuits after a career has ended, meditation seamlessly intertwines with all of life’s adventures.

Make the most out of your 20s, your 40s, your 60s, and even your 90s by ensuring meditation is a part of your routine.

From a better performing brain to a happier disposition, there’s really nothing that meditation can’t do.

Getting Started

Feel free to contact me, and let’s make a positive change.

Having a professional teacher on your side will go a long way in getting you started. Once you’re on the path, you’ll be amazed at how far meditation will take you.

I offer both classes in my office and an online program.

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How Different Generations Are Using Meditation
Meditation has been embraced by people of all ages. Simply put, from the college classroom to the boardroom, meditation enhances all aspects of life.
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