Can Meditation Help Your Employees?

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Human resource departments are the go-to for many employees who are having issues at the workplace.

From an impossible workload to not enough compensation, the HR department is where the majority of employee complaints land, well before they are brought to management’s attention.

And what’s the number one complaint for employees, according to HR personnel? Other people.

Multiple studies and surveys have been directed to the folks who work in HR, asking about the top complaints that trickle into the office.

And the majority of HR departments, regardless of the industry or business type, report that it’s other people –namely bosses, co-workers, and clients – that cause the bulk of the issues.

So can implementing a mindfulness meditation program at the office help to alieve this prominent problem? The answer is a definite yes.

Many employers and companies who have successfully implemented a mindfulness meditation program at the workplace have reported that the result is a “happier” work environment. Employees are more focused, less stressed and more positive about their jobs across the board.

And when it comes to working with other people – whether it’s the boss or a customer – mindfulness meditation certainly helps a great deal, and in some ways.

Meditation Enhances Compassion

One of the leading factors of conflict is an inability to understand a different point of view. But meditation has been proven to enhance the regions in the brain that are linked to compassion, which makes it much easier to see and validate other people’s perspectives.

People Who Meditate are Better at Picking up Social Cues

So much of what we “say” to each other doesn’t rely on our words, but on our non-verbal cues, and this is especially true in a workplace environment when conversations are generally conducted on a professional - and not personal - level.

For example, a co-worker who needs quiet to complete a task might say “I’m a little busy right now,” while another person may mistakenly hear “I’m a little busy right now – but it’s OK to keep chatting.”

Because meditation helps people recognize facial expressions, tone of voice and a variety of other social cues, it creates a better understanding at the workplace, regardless of what is verbally said.

Meditation Decreases Stress

When you’re stressed, it’s easy for the smallest infraction to become a larger problem. Whether it’s a co-worker’s chatter, a distinct-smelling lunch, or a unique personality, things that have the potential to get under our skin always do when we’re already in a stressed state of mind.

By alleviating the underlying stress, (as well as our tendency to succumb to distractions), meditation naturally makes the workplace a happier and more relaxed place to be across the board.

Having a better ability to relate to others at the workplace, and an inherently happier disposition, simply makes the workday better for everyone involved.

Encourage your employees to discover mindfulness meditation – and take the first steps to making it readily available at your workplace – and watch the environment naturally change into a more amiable and enjoyable setting for business.

I Can Help!

Once you’re on the path, you’ll be amazed at how far meditation will take you. I offer both classes in my office and an online program.

Your HR department will surely thank you.

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Can Meditation Help Your Employees?
Can meditation help relieve one of the biggest complaints in the workplace? Employers will be happy to know that the answer is a definite yes.
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