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As a big believer in the virtues of mass transit, my husband takes the bus to work every morning.

Besides being good for the economy and the environment, taking the bus to work every day has allowed him to enjoy a sense of community with the other people that share the space each morning.

People say, “Good morning,” and “Thanks for the ride. See you tomorrow.”

Recently, the transit company started rotating their drivers. Every morning there was a different driver on the bus.

My husband noticed right away that the feeling of community, the warm greetings and friendly smiles that were a regular part of his morning commute, stopped almost completely.

There was no longer a sense continuity or familiarity. There was a new coldness on the bus. The new drivers didn't smile, didn't return a greeting of “Good morning,” and seemed to not enjoy their job.

Something crucial was missing for these drivers. And by extension, for the passengers on the bus as well.

When my husband told me about the changes taking place on his commute, I was reminded of a point that Eckhart Tolle makes in his book, The New Earth.

In the book, Tolle talks about our inner purpose and our outer purpose. The outer purpose is our “doing” in life, and the inner is the “being.”

You Are Not Your Job

Many of us get caught up in our outer doing, and we begin to think that what we do is who we are. If you are one of the lucky ones, you like your job.

You get pleasure from your work and can find meaning and purpose in what you do.

Unfortunately, many people don't like their jobs. They do the work because they feel they must in order stay afloat. They just show up, do what is needed, and go home.

For these people, there is no reason to do their job, other than to make money. This is the energy they bring to their job. And it shows in the work they do.

Of course, you don't have to work at a job that has a deep meaning to enjoy your work. I have met people who can work at any job and are deeply happy doing it.

It doesn't matter what they do because they can distinguish between their outer purpose, which is to provide for themselves, and their inner purpose, which is to be present and mindful.

It's their inner purpose that they identify with, not their outer doing, and that is the energy they bring to their life.

How to Connect to Your Inner Purpose

Part of our inner purpose is to bring awareness into the world simply by being aware, and awareness is just knowing that there is something bigger than you that is fueling life.

It isn't something that you do. It is something that you are.

If you are in contact with the inner essence of yourself, the inner peace and light that is your true nature, you will bring that energy not only to your job but to the world and everything in it.

When you meditate, you find the peace and stillness that exists between your thoughts and allow it to fill up your consciousness.

When you dismiss your thoughts as a distraction and instead focus on the space between your thoughts, you allow the inner divine being to shine through everything you do.

That “being” becomes the main force in your life, rather than the “doing.”

You Are Stronger Than Your Situation

The situations in your life will always be changing. Your job may change, you may have children to raise, there will be lean times and times of plenty.

If you identify with these situations and believe they make up who and what you are, when the situation changes, you suffer. 

For instance, if your identity is wrapped up in being a parent, what happens when the children move out? You will feel lost if you do not connect with not connected to your inner being and your deeper self.

Take time each day to remind yourself that all situations are fleeting. Your inner purpose is to bring awareness and stillness into a world of unpredictable and ever-changing situations.

It is the knowledge that we are not our jobs or the situations in which we find ourselves. Rather, we are all connected to each other and everything through awareness.

Getting Started

Contact me and let’s chat about incorporating mindful meditation into your world!

Having a professional teacher on your side will go a long way in getting you started. Once you’re on the path, you’ll be amazed at how far meditation will take you.

I offer both classes in my office and an online program you can complete at your convenience.

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Bring Your Inner Being to Your Outer Doing
We often confuse our outer purpose for our inner purpose. You are not your job, you are not your possessions, you are not your hobbies and skills. You are so much more than that! 
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