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American Heart Association Gives Meditation a Thumbs Up

The American Heart Association (AHA) made its first statement on meditation and its relation to heart health last month. The respected organization says the practice has plenty of potential benefits when it comes to matters...

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Don’t Panic! How Mindfulness Meditation Addresses Anxiety Disorders

We’ve all been anxious in a stressful situation, but people who have experienced severe anxiety can attest that there’s a big different between being worried, and being panicked. Severe anxiety and panic disorders, (or panic...

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Why Millennials are Embracing Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation has certainly grown in prominence and popularity over the past few years, but there’s one demographic in particular that appears to be embracing mindfulness meditation for its curative attributes – namely, millennials. In fact,...

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5 Ways Mindfulness Meditation Helps Your Career Path

Whether you are just starting out, or are well on your way to professional success, there’s a lot that mindfulness meditation can do to help you navigate your career path. From big ideas to a...

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How Meditation Helps You Win a Battle with Willpower

Have you every tried to break a bad habit – or embrace a new healthy habit – and found yourself in a battle with your own willpower? With every positive but difficult step we take,...

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Need an Energy Boost? Try Mindfulness Meditation

When people think of ways to boost their energy levels, they often envision caffeinated drinks, sugary treats and other high-octane solutions that speed up our bodies and our brains. But believe it or not, one...

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Can Meditation Help Overcome our Biological Need for Dissatisfaction?

We’ve all had that dissatisfaction feeling that no matter how good things are, they can always be better. This is why no matter what we have, we always want just a little bit more. A...

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Can Meditation Help Your Employees?

Human resource departments are the go-to for many employees who are having issues at the workplace. From an impossible workload to not enough compensation, the HR department is where the majority of employee complaints land,...

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Research Shows Mediation Really Does Get Easier with Practice

People who are new to mindfulness meditation often find the hardest aspect of this practice is getting started. Completely working against our learned behavior to give into distractions and thoughts, meditation can be hard to...

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3 Ways Meditation is Amazing for a Good Night’s Sleep

Physicians are turning to mindfulness meditation as a prescription for a myriad of sleep-related issues, such as insomnia or REM Sleep Behavior Disorder. And the reason why is simple – it works. A highly publicized...

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