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Why Mindfulness Meditation Helps with Stress Now

There are situations that cause a sudden onset of stress. Everyone faces them at some point. It could be as routine as driving through heavy 5 p.m. traffic, or as unexpected as having to speak...

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The Myth of Meditation and Religion

There are a number of myths that seem to go hand in hand with mindfulness meditation. But these myths are gradually falling away as the practice becomes more common – and more scientifically studied. And...

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How Mindfulness Meditation Helps with Bracing

Have you ever heard the phrase “The waiting is the hardest part?” As it turns out, this sentiment is 100% true. Researchers have found that when it comes to potential bad news, it’s the waiting...

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Mindfulness Meditation May Put an End to Unhealthy Dieting  

If you are like millions of folks who struggle with losing and maintaining weight, chances are you have lost and subsequently gained back a number of pounds over the years.  While this pattern of yo-yo dieting...

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How Mindfulness Meditation Can Help Introverts at Work

There are always a few star players at your company who often speak up during meetings, contribute plenty of new ideas and feedback, and are generally the most vocal members of your workforce. But just...

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Do Different Types of Meditation Impact the Brain Differently?

With the introduction of MRIs and other brain imaging tools, scientists have a new arsenal of ways to uncover how meditation impacts the brain. Once considered a bit of a fad, mindfulness meditation has garnered...

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American Heart Association Gives Meditation a Thumbs Up

The American Heart Association (AHA) made its first statement on meditation and its relation to heart health last month. The respected organization says the practice has plenty of potential benefits when it comes to matters...

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Don’t Panic! How Mindfulness Meditation Addresses Anxiety Disorders

We’ve all been anxious in a stressful situation, but people who have experienced severe anxiety can attest that there’s a big different between being worried, and being panicked. Severe anxiety and panic disorders, (or panic...

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Why Millennials are Embracing Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation has certainly grown in prominence and popularity over the past few years, but there’s one demographic in particular that appears to be embracing mindfulness meditation for its curative attributes – namely, millennials. In fact,...

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5 Ways Mindfulness Meditation Helps Your Career Path

Whether you are just starting out, or are well on your way to professional success, there’s a lot that mindfulness meditation can do to help you navigate your career path. From big ideas to a...

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