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Is There a Workplace Stress Epidemic? How Mindfulness Meditation Can Help

Think about the last time that you had a stressful or anxious moment. Chances are that it happened while you were on the job. Workplace stress has become so common it often seems like a...

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4 Reasons Why You Need an Experienced Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

It’s tempting to think as soon as we make a conscious decision to embrace mindfulness meditation, we’ll naturally be able to enjoy the full benefits with little time and practice. And while it’s certainly possible to...

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Is Meditation a Must for Women?

A recent study that has been making waves and headlines suggests women benefit from meditation more than men on a general level, especially when it comes to a boost in mood. Let's take a closer...

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5 Areas of Your Life That Benefit the Most from Meditation

People take up meditation for a wide variety of reasons that are truly personal and individualized. From finding a cure for everyday stress to reliving back pain or migraines, the underlying reasons for practicing meditation vary...

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Join Me at My Book Signing!

Are you, or someone you know, struggling with a challenging, tragic or bewildering life situation and just don’t know how to cope? When you have the mindset to succeed and be happy, and your brain...

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Lunchtime Meditation Is the Newest Wellness Craze

Style and fitness experts across the country are noticing a unique new trend in the corporate landscape – lunchtime meditation. Recently featured in a Washington Post story, this new practice of “lunchtime meditation” finds busy...

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Becoming a Warrior with Meditation

When some people who are unfamiliar with meditation think of the practice, they tend to have a mental image of calm, smiling people who are generally passive in nature. They people have “go with the...

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Keeping Your Brain Young with Mindfulness Meditation

Many of us become concerned about the effects of aging as the years pass by. Suddenly, we may be concerned with: Preserving our youth Wrinkle-free skin Our natural hair (without the gray) A physically fit...

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Reducing the Risk of Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes with Meditation

It’s been well documented that America has an obesity problem and a troubled relationship with food. And if you look around at our modern world, it’s easy to see why. We’re more stressed than ever...

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How Different Generations Are Using Meditation

Researchers and meditation fans have often examined how different types of people can benefit from mindfulness meditation. From top CEOs and From top CEOs and executives to kids in the classrooms, looking at specific groups often...

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