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Employee stress is costly for corporations. Stress manifests itself as high blood pressure, insomnia, digestive disorders, aches and pains -- and even increases heart disease, stroke and depression risks for you and your employees.

All of these physical and emotional impacts reduce worker productivity due to increased absenteeism and by interfering with problem-solving, decision-making and cooperation. Reduced productivity cuts into profits.

Researchers have been studying the benefits of meditation for decades now, and their results might surprise you. A wide variety of studies have found that beneficial physiological changes take place in the bodies of people who meditate regularly.

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Reduce Productivity and Profit Loss

The good news is that you can reduce that loss of productivity and realize a large return on your investment! By offering onsite mediation classes -- scheduled when it is most convenient -- your employees can learn how to reduce their stress.

Having classes onsite saves time and makes it easy for your employees to learn the tools and techniques for successful meditation at home. Improved overall mental and physical health benefits not only the employees who embrace the practice, but their colleagues, subordinates and managers too.


Gain a Competitive Edge

There is growing trend among successful CEOs and business leaders to incorporate meditation into their daily routines. Meditation has been proven to:

  • Improve information processing and memory
  • Improve focus and ability to work under stress
  • Increase decision-making and problem-solving skills
  • Boost creative thinking skills
  • Strengthen leadership and communication skills

From Frenzied to Focused:
Bringing Calm to Corporate Environments

This program is designed to offer new possibilities for promoting and improving mental and physical health through practical strategies of relaxation and stress reduction mindfulness practices.

Participants will learn mindful techniques that can be used at their desks and at home. These mindful skills will help reduce work related stress and improve interactions at work and at home.

Make Meditation with Peggy
Part of Your Corporate Culture

Meditation and mindfulness are powerful tools in today's business marketplace. Making them a part of your corporate culture helps generate more mindful, present, and purposeful leaders. Bring Peggy into your organization to help you achieve more with less stress.

“Peggy not only has the enthusiasm and passion to teach others how to benefit from a regular meditation practice, but the knowledge about how meditation can truly can have a positive effects on one’s health.  All of our participants were inspired to start their own meditation practice after Peggy’s program.”

Lizzie Wright, LMSW

Adult Program Director, University of Kansas Health
On behalf of everyone here, I want to extend a huge THANK YOU!! I received such positive comments about your session on “From Frenzied to Focused: Bringing Calm to Corporate Environments.” Learning how easy it can be for one to incorporate just a few minutes of meditation during the day – no matter where you are – was remarkable. Thank you Peggy. We enjoyed having you be a part of our program.

Cheryl Hogan

Carevive Systems, Inc., Miami
We fully support Peggy as an instructor of meditation. After her presentation on campus, the feedback we received was all positive. The students and staff were all impressed with her ability to keep everyone engaged, her confidence, and how well she knows her "stuff." We were also impressed with her ability to guide students through a therapeutic practice with passion and focus. She is always welcome here at the University of Miami.

Tiffany Plantan, Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor, Pre-Health Advising, University of Miami
After your presentation about focusing on physical and spiritual self-care, we learned so much about breathing, relaxation response, and emphasizing the mind-body connection. Many of our guests mentioned your presentation as being the most impactful. Thank you for sharing your experience with our group. I recommend your presentation on focused awareness meditation and relaxation breathing to any organization looking to provide care to its employees.

Rosemary Noga Weldon, M.Div.

Chaplain, VITAS Innovative Hospice Care
“Peggy has been working with our team for over a three years, during this time she has helped us become more focused, efficient, and productive through her thoughtful approach to meditation.  As an unexpected benefit, she has created quiet moments of reflective team building that happen organically because of her wonderful meditation classes. We look forward every week to our session in order to “unplug” for 30 minutes and come together.”

Karen Saravia

Director, HR – Latin America at Tiffany & Co.

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